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Niall Maher

I help startups create kickass value propositions that sell their business by speaking clearly and directly to their target market.

Now, not only do you know what you’re going to get out of this handy little blog, but you’ve seen a great value proposition already. That’s because the above sentence IS a value proposition. And now, we’re going to build you one — together.

First, let’s back it up a little. What even is a value proposition? A value proposition is literally what it sounds like: it’s a statement about your business’s value — what is the value of your…

A few awesome settings to speed up your workflow with Visual Studio Code
A few awesome settings to speed up your workflow with Visual Studio Code
A few awesome settings to speed up your workflow with Visual Studio Code

Some odd but good extras to add to your workflow

This short tippet is just to show some of the settings I have added recently which I have been enjoying and help me be productive longer. I have a tonne of custom settings like format on save and custom themes but the few I have listed here are slightly less conventional but have made a good difference to my workflow.

If you want to see me explain more about the settings and why I like them you can watch the video here or scroll on to just read.

A few awesome settings to speed up your workflow with Visual Studio…

Picture of me swearing

Giving a f*ck might actually save you time! This tool makes me laugh and makes me faster with the command line tools so it’s a win-win.

If you want a video version of this guide where I talk a bit more about the fun:

Or else continue reading. 🧑🏻‍💻

Today we will look at “The F*ck” which is a super helpful CLI tool that lets you use those suggested commands in the terminal without having to retype everything again.

Have you ever had that frustrating moment where you type a wrong command, something like grabbing a new branch with…

Easy auto-suggest with datalist

Sometimes you would like to suggest some options to a user as they type something into an input. Maybe there are popular search categories or tags that people are looking for. You could, of course, implement an API driven feature, or if you want to get a quick way for it to be up and running why not just use the datalist tag?

In case you want to watch me mess around with the datalist tag you can watch it here or else keep scrolling to read.

Video showing datalist in action.

The HTML <datalist> element contains a set of…

Awesome Chrome Extensions

And the Extensions I can’t delete

In this article, we will look at five of my favourite Chrome Extensions that I use nearly every day.

I recently went through my Chrome extensions to clean out all of the ones I hadn’t used recently (over a dozen it turns out). During this time, I took a little time to think which ones I had used over the past week or at least most weeks, and that’s what inspired this article.

A video version of this article:


Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web…

More than just console.log

Master the Console Object

The console is the #1 way to debug by JavaScript developers. So if you are going to be using the console to do sophisticated debugging we might as well get a little more knowledgeable about some of the cool things you can do with the console. The console has a lot more than just a simple console.log command. In this video/post, I'm going to show you some alternatives to using just log so you can get much more useful console output.

You can watch my video explanation here or scroll on to keep reading. 💜

⏱ There are timestamps…

Highlighting the good, great, and awesome updates

Next.js version 10
Next.js version 10
Photo by the author.

Over 20 updates were packed into the new Next.js version 10 update, and in this article, I will go over the big ones. If you are looking for the official word, head over to Next.js’s blog post.

“We introduced over 20 new features that improve performance and developer experience. At the same time, the JavaScript size of the Next.js core has been reduced by 16%.” — Next.js blog

React 17

We can now safely update to React 17 with the newest update. When you upgrade to Next.js …

A Tale of Caution to Avoid My mistakes

A Little Bit of Background

Just 12 months before I started earning over €100,000 a year, I was working selling fine wines in a small shop and building some websites between customers for people. I was earning €400 (before tax) a week or just over €20,000 per year, so I forgive myself a little for the huge mistake I made (from excitement) when my income was over the space of twelve months, literally multiplied. …

Handy shortcuts and reminders

The letters JS in a yellow square and the words built-in string methods, all on a blue background
The letters JS in a yellow square and the words built-in string methods, all on a blue background
Image credit: Author

In this article, we will take a look at 26 different built-in string methods in JavaScript.

There is no need to memorise all of the built-in methods available to us in JavaScript, but by being aware of what ones are available, you will save yourself reinventing them when the time comes that you need one of these.

Note: All the titles are links to the MDN docs.


Returns the character at the specified index.

"Hello World".charAt(2); // returns "l" // If we pass no value it defaults to an index of 0 "Hello World".charAt(); // returns "H" // If we…

Show your users if they have reliable internet connections

Laptop, phone, notepad, pen, and coffee on a table.
Laptop, phone, notepad, pen, and coffee on a table.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.

As developers, we sometimes get used to the great broadband in our offices and localhost being the fastest site ever with no network issues.

What a lot of people forget is just over half of all internet traffic is driven over mobile phones, and unless you are in a booming city, a consistent internet connection is not all that normal.

This is the first installment of a series in which I am going to go over some tips and tricks to easily create a better experience for people who have a bad internet connection. …

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